created by Rajesh Dhruva

Provide Composite Total Value Added Services of Planner, Advisors & Mutual Funds Portfolio Managers.

We a team of qualified Chartered Accountants and Mutual Fund  Advisors provide portfolio service of wealth-creation through investments in equity schemes of Indian Mutual Funds-a personalised service requiring the investor only to sign the dotted line.

Suggest investment strategy suitable to tenure and risk appetite of the investor.

·       Provide detailed Asset Allocation Plan [AAP] and suggest timing of investment.

·       Prepare applications & paper work.

·       Maintenance and reporting of portfolio on quarterly basis.

·       Advising profit-booking and/or switch from time to time & further reinvestment of sale proceeds on an on-going basis

·       Advising tax matters and providing annual statement of Dividend and Gains.

·      Availing Permanent Account No. (PAN); Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and  establishing NRE account which are perquisites for Mutual Funds investment in India, if the investor does not have any or all of them.

The investor has only to sign the dotted line as completed application forms and necessary paper work is prepared and submitted by our Office.

All investments are made in name of the investor under his own signature.

As MF schemes are linked to investor's notified bank account electronically error-free fund transfers for investment and realization are also ensured.

No exit load and lower tax of 10% only on Equity funds held for 1 year or more.