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Investments by Resident in Equity Shares & Loan in JV/WOS

Overseas Investments by Resident Indians

Resident Individuals are permitted to freely invest in movable assets outside India. Presently residents can make overseas investments upto an amount of  US$ 250,000 per Financial Year.

Such investment can be made for acquiring shares; bonds and even placement of foreign exchange deposits.

It may be noted that investments are not permitted for speculative transaction such as trading in foreign currencies; horse racing, betting etc.

Investments can also be made in Joint Ventures / Wholly Owned Companies. Remittance is also permissible for current account transactions such as education or medical expenses of any family member or friend and also for  making legitimate gifts to friends or relatives. 

Overseas Direct Investments by Indian Entity

Indian Companies / LLPs / Registered Partnerships are permitted to freely invest in equity & debt outside India upto limit prescribed under Foreign Exchange Regulations.