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Form Title Files
A1-FC Remittance in Foreign Currency (Imports)  
A1-NRB Transfer of Rupees to the Account of a Non-resident Bank (Imports)  
A1-ACU Payment through Asian Clearing Union (Imports)  
A2 Remittance in Foreign Currency (Non-Imports)  
A3 Transfer of Rupees from/to the Account of Non-Resident Bank (other than transactions with public)  
A4 Operations on Non-resident Accounts (other than Accounts of Non-resident Banks)  
ADV Remittance on Account of Advertisements Abroad  
APR Annual Performance Report of Indian Joint Ventures/WOSs abroad  
BAL Statement of Foreign Currency Balances of Authorised Dealers and Rupee Balances of Non-resident banks  
BBI Particulars of Shipments under Inward Air/Sea Cargo Consolidation  
BBX1 Appointment of Break-Bulk Agents appointed abroad by Air/Sea Cargo Consolidators  
BBX2 Statement of Air Cargo Consolidation  
BCI Certificate of Foreign Inward Remittance  
BEF Statement Showing Details of remittances towards Imports in respect of which Documentary Evidence of Import has not been submitted by Importers  
BRT Declaration for Remittance of Book Royalty  
CAS Statement of shipments made on "charges collected basis and Repatriation of funds" involved  
CDF Currency Declaration Form  
CIR Statement showing Remittance of Income/ Interest allowed to NRIs/OCBs on Investments/ Deposits held on non-repatriation basis  
CM Cash Memo  
CNP Statement of Expenditure Incurred by Correspondents etc. of Newspapers/ Periodicals/News Agencies  
CTA Details of Foreign Exchange Earnings on Account of Foreign Tourists Visiting India and Neighbouring Countries  
DBS Statement of Operations on Diplomatic Bond Store Accounts  
DIC Certificate to be furnished by Importer on goods moving in Consolidation in support of payment of freight by Air/Sea  
DIN Declaration for Direct Investment by NRIs/OCBs in Indian Firms/Companies  
DSP Statement Regarding Sale Through Stock Exchange by Authorised Dealers of Shares/ Debentures Acquired by NRIs/OCBs under the Direct Investment Schemes  
DSS Declaration of Shares Acquired by NRIs Through Subscription to Memorandum and Articles of Association  
EBW Statement of Export Bills Permitted to be Written off  
ECB1 Permission to Raise Foreign Currency Loans/ Credits or to import goods on Deferred Payment Terms/Financial Lease (Other than short term loan/credit)  
ECB2 Details of actual transactions of Foreign Currency Loan/Financial Lease  
ECB3 Application for Repayment/Payment of Principal/Interest and other charges under Foreign Currency Loan/Credit  
ECB4 Permission to raise Short Term Foreign Currency Loan/Credit  
ECB5 Statement of Drawals, Utilisation, Repayments and outstandings of Short-Term Foreign Curency Loan/Credit  
ECB6 Application for permission to raise Foreign Currency Loan under US$ 3 million Scheme  
ECF Encashment Certificate (Authorised Dealers Exchange Bureaux and Full-fledged Money-changers)  
ECR Encashment Certificate (Restricted Money-changers)  
ECT Export of Commodities on Elongated Credit Terms  
EFC Application by Exporter for Opening of Foreign Currency Account with a Bank in India or Abroad  
EFN Practising Profession or Carrying on Occupation, Trade or Business in India by Foreign Nationals  
EFT Statement of Remittance of Fees/ Remuneration to Foreign Nationals  
EMG Emigration Questionnaire  
ENC Statement of Export Bills Negotiated/ Sent for Collection Covered by GR/PP/SOFTEX Forms  
ETX Extension of the Period for Realisation of Export Proceeds  
EXL Statement of Trade-Related Advances in Foreign Currency granted out of EEFC balances  
FAD 1 Maintenance of Foreign Currency Accounts and Holding of Foreign Currency Securities and Immovable Properties Abroad  
FAD 2 Application for Permission to Acquire/Hold Foreign Currency Shares of a Joint Venture/ Wholly Owned Subsidiary Abroad  
FAD 3 Annual Return of Foreign Currency Shares in JV/WOS abroad  
FC(RBI) Application for Approval of Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Agreement  
FNC 1 Acting or Accepting Appointment as Agent in India  
FNC 2 Undertaking fresh business activity or Establishing Place of Business in India by Foreign Companies  
FNC 3 Undertaking Business Activity in India by Foreign Nationals  
FNC 4 Permission to Establish a Branch Office in India by an Overseas Company  
FNC 5 Establishing a Representative Office by Overseas Company for Liaison Activities or to Open a Project/Site Office in India  
FNC 6 Acquisition of the Whole or Part of an Undertaking in India  
FNC 7 Purchase of Shares of Companies in India  
FTD Statement showing daily turnover of foreign exchange  
FLM 8 Summary statement of purchases from and sales to public of foreign currency notes  
FT(RBI) Application for Approval of Foreign Technology Transfer  
FXT Statement Showing Foreign Exchange Turnover of Authorised Dealers  
FC-TRS Declaration regarding transfer of shares / compulsorily and mandatorily convertible Preference shares(CMCPS) / debentures by way of sale from resident to non resident/ non-resident to resident  
GR-ORG Export to All Countries Otherwise than by Post (Original/Duplicate)  
GPB Statement showing gaps position and cash balances  
HPR Half-yearly Progress Report on the status of implementation of the project of the Indian JV/WOS abroad  
ICP Statement Showing Details of Commercial Paper (CP) Issued  
IPI 1 Fresh Acquisition and Holding of Immovable Property in India  
IPI 2 Sale/Transfer of Immovable Property in India (other than Tea/Coffee/Rubber Plantations)  
IPI 3 Sale of Tea/Coffee/Rubber Plantations in India  
IPI 4 Particulars of Productivity, Income etc. of Tea/Coffee/Rubber Plantations in India  
IPI 5 Declaration of Immovable Property Acquired/Held in India under General Permission Granted to Foreign Companies vide RBI Notification No. FERA 133/93-RB dated 26th April 1993  
IPI 6 Declaration of Immovable Property in India held as on 1st January 1974  
IPI 7 Declaration of Immovable Property Acquired under General Permission Granted to Foreign Citizens of Indian Origin vide RBI Notification No.FERA.152/93-RB dated 26th May 1993  
IPI 8 Permission to Repatriate the Original Investment Made in Commercial/Residential Immovable Property/ies  
ISD Issue of Shares/Debentures to Non-residents  
ISD (R) Investment by NRIs/OCBs in Indian Firms/Companies on Repatriation Basis  
LEC (FIIs) Statement of Purchases/Sales of Shares/Debentures by Foreign Institutional Investors  
LEC (NRIs) Statement of Purchases/Sales of Shares/Debentures by NRIs/OCBs under Portfolio Investment Scheme  
LEG Legacies, Bequests and Inheritances  
LOV 1 Loans in India to (a) Non-residents Against Fixed Deposits/Securities/Immovable Properties, (b) Residents Against Guarantees by Non-residents.  
LOV 2 Loans/Overdrafts to Foreign Nationals for Personal Purposes  
MAP Statement of Maturity and Position (MAP)  
MRR Remittance of royalty on copy right music reproduced  
MTR Particulars of payments to Shipping Companies towards commission, freight, etc. by MTOs.  
NRC Investment in Shares/Debentures Through Stock Exchange by OCBs on Non-repatriation basis  
NRI Investment in Shares/Debentures Through Stock Exchange by NRIs on Non-repatriation Basis  
NRU Non-repatriation Undertaking  
OAC Auditor's Certificate Regarding Non-resident Holding in Overseas Company Held Directly by NRIs  
OAC 1 Auditor's Certificate Regarding Non-resident Holding in Overseas Company Held Indirectly by NRIs  
OBR Appointment of Representative or Establishment of Office/Branch Abroad  
ODA Application for direct investment in JV/WOS abroad through an Authorised Dealer.  
ODA 1 Details of remittances allowed towards overseas investment out of EEFC account (to be reported immediately after remittance)  
ODA 2 Details of remittances allowed towards overseas investment out of EEFC Accounts (consolidated statement on monthly basis)  
ODB Application for blanket approval to Indian software companies for direct investment in Joint Venture(JV)/Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) abroad  
ODI Application for Direct Investment in Joint Venture/Wholly Owned Subsidiary Abroad  
ODS Application for supplementary proposal for Direct Investment in existing Joint Venture/Wholly Owned Subsidiary  
ORA Report of Permission Granted For Opening of Non-trading Office/Posting of Representatives Abroad  
ORR Statement showing Remittances availed of out of EEFC Account for opening of Offices/ Posting of Representative Abroad  
POS Statement of Positions of Authorised Dealers in various currencies  
PP-ORG Export by Post (Original/Duplicate)  
QA 22 Opening of Bank Accounts in India by Foreign Companies/Foreign Nationals  
RBM 1 Offer for spot sale of US dollars to Reserve Bank  
RBM 2 Offer for Purchase of U.S. Dollars from Reserve Bank  
RCC Particulars of amount receivable/payable from/to the foreign courier company  
RCD 1 Remittance of Dividend by Indian Companies  
RCD 2 Particulars of Non-resident Shareholders to whom Dividends are to be remitted.  
RCI Application for remittance of income/interest earned by NRIs/OCBs from their investments/deposits etc. held with Indian companies on non-repatriation basis.  
REC Position of unreconciled entries in Nostro Accounts  
REM Application for Remittance of Gift or towards Maintenance Expenses to Non-Residents  
RFC Opening of Resident Foreign Currency Account with Authorised Dealers by Returning Indians  
RFN Retirement Facilities to Foreign Nationals  
RPC Investment in Shares/Debentures by OCBs with Repatriation Benefits  
RPI Investment in Shares/Debentures by NRIs with Repatriation Benefits  
RRD Special Report on Rupee Dealings with Overseas Banks  
R-(NOS) Return of foreign exchange transactions by authorised dealers (currency-wise).  
R-(VOS) Return of operations on VOSTRO Accounts maintained with authorised dealers by non-resident banks (currency-wise).  
R-SUPL Supplementary statement of Non-export Receipts equivalent of Rs.1,00,000/- and above.  
RSU Investment in Sick Indian Companies by NRIs/OCBs  
SCH 1 Schedule of remittances effected for/credits afforded to Vostro a/c towards payments of imports  
SCH 2 Schedule of remittances effected for purposes other than imports  
SCH 3 Schedule giving particulars of GR/PP/SOFTEX forms where full payment has been received.  
SCH 4 Schedule giving details of GR/PP/SOFTEX forms against part payment has been received.  
SCH 5 Schedule giving details of full export proceeds received in advance.  
SCH 6 Schedule giving details of part export proceeds received in advance.  
SIR Statement regarding Interest Rate Sensitivity  
SOFTEX Export of Computer Software via Satellite (Original/Duplicate/Triplicate)  
SPG 1 Statement of Earnings and Disbursements at Foreign and Indian Ports and Net Repatriations to India  
TRM 1 Application for release of Exchange for Medical Treatment Abroad  
TCR Certificate for Payment of Royalty Under Foreign Technical Collaboration  
TCK Certificate for Payment of Technical Know-how Fee Under Foreign Technical Collaboration  
TRM 2 Certificate from Medical Practitioner Nominated by Indian Mission Abroad  
SPG 3 Charter Hire Earnings and Disbursements of Indian Vessels on Time/Voyage Charters  
STAT 7 Deleted  
TRS Exchange for Higher Studies/Training Abroad  
VP/COD Export by Post on 'Value Payable'/ 'Cash on Delivery' Basis  
TCD Foreign Collaboration Agreement - Annual Return  
SPG 4 Foreign Exchange Receipts and Expenditure on Foreign Vessels Chartered by Indian Shipping Companies  
HDFC_Bank_ Account_Op_Form HDFC  
SPG 2 Operations on Foreign Currency Account/s Maintained with Overseas Banks by Indian Shipping Companies  
SRM Register for recording receipt of SPM 2 statements  
SRT Remittance of Royalty on Software Reproduced in India  
STAT 5 Statement of Inflow/Outflow of Deposits under FCNR (Banks) Scheme  
XOS Statement of Particulars of Outstanding Export Bills  
SPM 1 Statement of Passage/Freight Collections and Disbursements by Foreign Airline Companies or Their Agents in India  
SPM 2 Statement of Passage/Freight Collections and Disbursements by Foreign Shipping Companies or Their Agents in India  
SPM 3 Statement of Passage/Freight Collections by Indian Airline/Shipping Companies  
STAT 6 Statement of purchases of Travellers Cheques/ TCS, coins etc. under Inward Travellers Letters of Credit  
TRA Statement of sale of foreign currency for travel purpose  
SPM 4 Statement showing Collection/Disbursement of Feeder Freight  
STAT 8 Statement showing Inflow/Outflow of Deposits under Non-Resident (External) Rupee (NRE) Accounts Scheme  
STAT 9 Statement showing Inflow/Outflow of Deposits under Non-Resident (Non-repatriable) Rupee Deposit (NRNR) Scheme  
STAT 10 Statement showing Inflow/Outflow of Deposits under Resident Foreign Currency Accounts Scheme  
TS 4 Transfer of Shares Through Stock Exchange Acquired by NRIs/OCBs Under Direct Investment Scheme with Repatriation Benefits  
TS 2 Transfer of Shares/Debentures by Foreign Nationals Resident in India  
TS 1 Transfer of Shares/Debentures by Non-residents to Residents